Demonstrations of space technologies made by Latvian entities will take place during the Congress


Nine most successful Latvian organisations developing space technologies or services will demonstrate their achievments in the space industry:


Allatherm Ltd – Space technologies for the Lunar Gateway

Eventech Ltd – space technologies for the mission Hera

RD Alfa Microelectronics – Integrated Circuits for aerospace

“VIRATEC” Ltd – TT&C service for the space industry

Institute for Environmental Solutions – Earth Observation applications and services for natural resource management

Baltic Satellite Serviss Ltd – space data services and applications for research, educational and commercial organisations

Fiber Optical Solution Ltd – Inertial Navigation Systems and Fiber Optic Gyroscopes for the space industry

AS SMW Group – high-performance magnesium alloys and high-strength aluminium materials for the space industry

RTU High-Power Rocketry Team – a team of RTU students the first in the Baltics designed and built a high-power rocket